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We would love to hear from you and would really appreciate if you could please share your experience with other families..... Please feel free to upload pictures of your baby as they grow.

Marissa W.  8 weeks ago 5 Star Rating

Incredible experience from beginning to end. Amazing quality and service ! Most amazing dogs , healthy, loving, friendly . Repeat customer

Penelope R. 8 weeks ago 5 Star Rating

Shirley of DanShi's Bullies was a pleasure to deal with when adopting our frenchie. She was easy to communicate with, sent several videos of our baby before we were able to pick him up and a 3 yr health guarantee speaks for itself. Most breeders offer 1 yr. We absolutely adore Kobe, our frenchie. He's lovable, goofy, and gorgeous! Thank you Shirley!!!!!

Cody Merrill 5 months ago 5 Star Rating 

Shirley was so great during the process, she was very quick to respond and would send unprompted videos and pictures. When you buy a puppy before they are old enough to take home you're thinking about them all the time and it's nice to get pictures without feeling like you're bugging them.

Joe Laszczak 6 months ago 5 Star Rating 

I am a past English Bulldog owner and my expectations for breeders are particularly high. That being said, Shirley and her operations are as top tier as they come. She is extremely responsive and accommodated every ask that we had all through the process. There are some breeders that still haven't responded to questions I had months after initial contact, but Shirley made sure to respond to our requests very quickly. Some of the highlights of her breeding program that all bulldog owners should be enthused about are: 1. There was a genetic testing breakdown of the parents of the puppy we purchased. 2. There was a conditional 3 year health guarantee for our puppy. 3. There are health specific conditions she puts on her mother dogs and any female dogs purchased thorough her with intent to breed. Those things are important to me and should be important to anyone interested in the breed. We've had the puppy for a few weeks now and couldn't be more impressed and happy with her. She has great energy, calm personality, extremely personable, and well adjusted. This is a testament to Shirley's meticulous process and we couldn't be happier. Wouldn't think twice about purchasing from her again.

Bill G.  March 10, 2021 9:58AM 5 Star Rating

We adopted Pekachu, a 3 1/2 year old Frenchie from Shirley at Danshi's a month ago. Pekachu was raised right, and she has been such a joy to have. I can't say enough about the whole adoption process, Shirley was amazing, and is a real professional. We have dealt with other Frenchie breeders before, but non as caring and professional as Shirley. Thank you for the care and love you give to your furbabies Shirley, and thanks again for Pekachu!!

Kristina G.  December 20, 2020 7:14PM 5 Star Rating

Shirley is amazing!!!! Highly recommend!!! We love our baby boy, Niko, and are forever grateful.

Jonathan T. December 20, 2020 7:14PM 5 Star Rating

We couldn’t be happier with the experience that DanShi’s provided. My wife and I were amazed at how smooth the process was to bring home our first Fur Baby. Shirley is a great communicator and the website is so full of information, you never had to worry about the quality of the pups they provide. We are so grateful for our little guy, Pudge. We will definitely be referring whenever we can!

Timothy Cunniff Dec 18, 2020 5 Star Rating

I am extremely happy with the entire experience of selecting a French Bulldog puppy from DanShi’s. My boy is very healthy, friendly, affectionate and adjusted to humans and other dogs. Their website and social media information about available puppies and upcoming litters is informative, they are very responsive, they look for good homes and families, and take a great deal of care with their clients providing tips for feeding and care. Once we put a deposit down, we received at least weekly updates and pictures or videos of our puppy and Shirley was so easy to text with as we made plans to pick him up. Extremely professional, friendly, and kind family who love their dogs and puppies and their business is a labor of love. I highly recommend DanShi’s Bullies!

Hailey W.  September 19, 2020 9:22PM 5 Star Rating

Danshis Bullies for the WIN! Our new baby "Fancy" we got from Danshis is a perfect angel! Definitely trained very well. She is loving, calm, and great with our 3 young kids and other animals. Only 8 weeks old but, acts 2 years old. Very mature for her age. Slept every night without even a whine! If your ever in the market for a new pup, make the most important decision of picking the breeder super easy, and get your new fur baby from Danshisbullies.com! You wont regret it!

Jodi T.  September 13, 2020 2:28 PM 5 Star Rating
We are so happy with our complete experience with Shirley. Our Moonshine is an amazing pup and has adjusted very well to our home and our family. He’s amazing! I would refer Shirley to anyone who is looking to add a new love in their life.

Laura and Jason Bond August 28, 2020 8:18 AM
5 Star Rating
We have had an amazing experience with DanShi's Bullies! Expectations between breeder and owner were upfront and honest. Shirley was spectacular in keeping up with the weekly photos and to give updates on Zena's progression from birth to delivery. I am so grateful for the information Shirley provided on how to keep Zena healthy and on schedule. We have had her for almost a week and have kept the schedule that was provided to us and have had no issues. She is very spunky and she is the boss. Thank you Shirley for answering all of our questions and for always making time for us. We love our little Zena!

Zatal S. August 21, 2020 8:56 PM 5 Star Rating
Shirley was absolutely amazing. She provided A+ service throughout the entire process. She responded quickly to every question and kept me updated on our precious boy. Thank you Shirley for the experience and our healthy boy, Naz.

Shari G. August 2, 2020 3:21 PM 5 Star Rating
I have dealt with a few breeders over the years and I can honestly say I have never met a breeder as great as DanShi's! Both Shirley and Daniel were nothing short of amazing. Shirley has been there for me whenever I need her and that is so reassuring. We love our little frenchie and can't thank them enough for giving us our healthy little princess. I cannot stress enough what a terrific breeder they are! Posted on Google

Sean H. M. May 21, 2020 9:25 PM 5 Star Rating
An amazing experience! I could not be happier with my new little Frenchie! She's so happy and healthy. She's just an all around great pup. Shirley is the BEST! She kept me up to date as to how my little Carrera was doing with pictures and videos until she dropped her off to me. Thanks again Shirley! You'll be seeing plenty more of Carrrera!
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Susan M. May 17, 2020 1:01 AM 5 Star Rating

Shirley is amazing! I purchased a French bulldog for my son, who had wanted one for years, as a surprise for his birthday. After researching several breeders, I found DanShi's Bullies. Shirley is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and responsive...and she even helped me pull off the surprise! Our puppy is healthy and gorgeous. She is sweet and was already using the training pads at 8 weeks! DanShi's Bullies is the real deal. We received a very high quality, well bred puppy with a complete set of health records, registration, toys, food, and more. Most importantly; however, we have continued support from DanShi's and a friend for life. Thank you, DanShi's Bullies!

Priscilla Sparrow May 2, 2020 12:14 PM

Meeting Shirley and getting 2 bullies was the best decision of our lives. The girls are doing so well. They were given the best care ever.
Thank you Shirley for allowing me to have so much happiness.

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Kiley H. April 17, 2020 5 Star Rating

Shirley was absolutely fantastic from start to finish with the purchase of our second frenchie. Teddy is top quality when it comes to frenchies. Absolutely amazing temperament and was great with the kiddos from the beginning. We could not be happier with our girl. Thanks again for making our experience so wonderful!

Jay G. Dec 06, 2019 05:03:25 PM 5 Star Rating
Could not be happier with our experience with DanShi’s bullies. Shirley was outstanding to work with. She truly loves these dogs and you can really tell how much time and effort she spends getting these little ones ready for their fur ever homes. Our sweet Rambo ( aka Kano) was socialized with other dogs, cats and people and it’s made such a great impression on us. He has a wonderful temperament, loves to cuddle and is absolutely beautiful. I am so pleased with our experience and would highly recommend Shirley as a responsible, loving, conscientious breeder.

Kelsey B. May 11, 2019 5 Star Rating
Wonderful Experience, adopted an adult frenchie and it was the best decision. Very well trained, good with our small children, and great with new experiences. Would defiantly us Shirley again!
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Darlene Harris  recommends Danshis BulliesOctober 27 ·
Excellent breeders. Shirley is absolutely amazing. She is very knowledgeable and thorough. Great bred line

Ike Isaac Keith Wood reviewed Danshis Bullies — 5 star June 21 · Shirley is nothing less than phenomenal. Once you put the deposit down on the puppy expect to get many photos and videos of your furbabby playing with his sibs, in the kiddie wading pool, just about everything. And she makes sure that everything is absolutely taken care. Our little Oscar is simply a love sponge. Could not have been happier. I wish I could get another but it's a choice between getting another puppy from Shirley or being married. Hmmm . . . the single life is looking more and more appealing!!!

Maria Andrea says: JULY 27, 2018 AT 2:10 PM
I am head over heels with my new baby boy. Shirley has been nothing but incredible throughout this entire experience/process. She truly did an impeccable job at raising my puppy up until 3 months old. I didn’t get a chance to personally meet her as she was away when I purchased “Jackson” but she is always available via call/text for any important/non-important and/or random questions I have. She’s an incredible breeder and very easy to tell she loves her pups and what she does; her quality of work is top-notch. I am thinking about giving “Cujo” (his new name) a sibling in the future and I will definitely use her again.

Amanda Lowery reviewed Danshis Bullies — 5 star June 16 ·FlapJack Kakashi is a sweetheart my Pug is ver gentle with him. Thank you again for this sweet little guy. My Daughter Casey is in love.

Deanna O'Leary says: APRIL 13, 2018 AT 7:26 AM
We are in love with our new dog Magu! Thank you Shirley and the rest of the team at danshi bullies for giving us the opportunity to have him a part of our lives and for sharing him with us.

Meghan A. reviewed Danshis Bullies — 5 star April 1 · We welcomed Stella (sapphire) into our family almost a year ago. She has been and absolute joy and we are so in love with her! She is healthy and happy. we couldn't be more pleased with Shirley. She is professional and truely loves her
fur babies

Megumi A J. reviewed Danshis Bullies — 5 star December 25, 2017 ·
Let us start by saying, "Simply Outstanding", in every aspect. Professionalism, care, guidance, and quick complete responses to every question or concern you may have with your new addition. Our ''Buddah'' ( former name Aron ) has been the talk of the town, and he puts on a show with his calm temperament, attentiveness, his coat, and his overall health. This is the breeder you want and need when you're looking for your French Bulldogs! Believe when I tell you, Shirley is the BEST!!!!!

Andrew Pearson reviewed Danshis Bullies — 5 star December 12, 2017 · 
As with anything on the internet, if you read enough you will scare yourself - especially when it comes to breeders. Shirley is amazing at what she does and we could not be happier with our little Shay - a full recommendation from me!

Ashley P. reviewed Danshis Bullies — 5 star September 18, 2017 · I'm in love! I was searching for a frenchie puppy for a few months. The minute I saw Kahl (aka Beau) I knew he was the perfect puppy for me. Shirley is AMAZING! The whole process was so easy. She really cares about her puppies. She has been available for all my questions. The transition has been to easy. Thank you for everything!

Tiffany Harris says: SEPTEMBER 2, 2017 AT 12:37 PM Star Rating: 5
My husband and I got Benjen (formerly John Snow) a week ago today. He is smart, beautiful, and super sweet. Shirley really cares about the puppies and it is so evident in how well they are socialized. Benjen already knows what going outside means (potty!). My husband and I are so happy with our sweet boy and any future frenchies (or if we ever decided on an English) would only come from DanShis. Thank you so much for being so great at what you do!

Zrinka Dabelic AUGUST 5, 2017 AT 3:17 PM Rating: 5 Star
A wonderful breeder, quality dogs with great temperaments! Her dogs are part of her family and it shows in the way she cares for them and also the way she interacts with clients.
~ Review posted on Google

Ryan D. says: JULY 27, 2017 AT 6:42 PM Star Rating: 5
DanShi’s produces some amazing bulldogs! We received our new addition back in December when he was only 8 weeks. I’m a little late with the review…but our little fur baby has since grown into a beautiful looking French Bulldog, he has a wonderful temperament and is full of personality and love. Shirley breeds with love and thoughtfullness of the health and genetics of the puppies. They have wonderful builds and an array of colors. The puppies are family raised and already jump started on training. DanShi’s is truly a great choice when selecting your next addition for your family.

Erinn D.  MAY 20, 2017 AT 3:50 PM Star Rating: 5
We purchased our amazing new Frenchie Onyx on 5/19/17 . Danshis Bullies was great to work with and was very helpful and knowledgeable about the breed. Onyx is everything we imagined and more! We will definitely use them in the future.

Darlene H. says: MAY 20, 2017 AT 11:14 AM Star Rating: 5
This has been the best experience. DanshisBullies are a class act. They are experienced, knowledgeable, passionate, and loving breeder. The service they provide goes further than the delivery of the precious puppy. Highly recommend choosing this breeder. I know I will again
Thanks so much for all you do.
Love my little Napoleon.

Preston G. reviewed Danshis Bullies — 5 star May 2, 2017 ·I have had Smokey now for 2 days and he had his first vet appointment with me today and everything is perfect. I could not of asked for a more healthy, kind, and fun loving puppy. I would recommend anyone who is seriously considering buying a puppy to get one from Shirley. She was so great from how quickly she responds to my questions to how she had everything prepared and ready when she dropped off smokey. It was such a great experience and when Smokey gets older I will come right back to her for another one. Thank you so much Danshis Bullies

Steve B. says: FEBRUARY 2, 2017 AT 2:11 PM
They are amazing people with amazing dogs. I can’t just say puppies because all the older dogs are amazing as well. If I had enough money/land I would buy every dog they have . But if you are looking for quality and honesty you are at the right Breeder when u come to danshi! Remember u get what you pay for but that just goes for the dogs, the honesty and integrity the owners have is priceless!
~ Review posted on Facebook Page

Dr. Drew Scarbrough says: DECEMBER 2, 2016 AT 2:07 PM
I get the pleasure to see these cuties every few months. Bred with precision and impeccably cared for. Always the best part of my day!!!
~Review posted on Facebook Page

Carlos F. says: DECEMBER 2, 2016 AT 2:00 PM
Ive had my puppy for a few weeks now and couldn’t be happier. He’s healthy, happy, loving and you can tell he’s been well cared for right from the start. After doing extensive research I came across Danshi’s bullies. My experience has been nothing but exceptional. Shirley truly cares for her puppies and wants to make sure they all have the best homes and best owners. Even my vet who is an expert in French bulldogs told me she’s the best breeder in this area. I highly recommend Danshi’s Bullies!
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Shawna Wilson says: JUNE 24, 2016 AT 11:00 AM

A lot of work goes into breeding and the outcome of that work is obvious in the pups. Danshi’s raises their babies with love, care, and patience and because of them we have the most handsome, well adjusted, healthy little baby.

Laurie H says: AUGUST 31, 2015 AT 11:57 PM
We had such a great experience with Danshi’s Bullies! We heard about them from our neighbors, and were thrilled that they had our perfect French bulldog puppy available at the time we were looking. Our Elvis is a smart, energetic, puppy and he has become a wonderful addition to our family. Shirley was easy to work with and quick to respond to questions. She sent lots of pictures and video while we were waiting to get him, and made it easy to set up a few visits before we took him home. I would definitely use Danshi’s Bullies again if we ever want another Frenchie in the future! Thank you Shirley!

Selena C. says: MAY 27, 2015 AT 6:00 PM
We have been so happy with our little Moby, a french bulldog. He is so confident, smart and such a LOVE BUG! We can tell right away that he was socialized with other dogs from the very beginning. Shirley did a fantastic job on raising him, and the drop off was perfect. My husband met Shirley at the airport and it was as smooth as it can be. Shirley has been so nice with giving us advice on his eating habits, and she will respond to you right away. Moby has been a fantastic addition to our family. The kids absolutely love him, and we have been spoiling him as well.
Shirley, thank you so much again and we will be in touch! we are family now
Love, Selena, Eddie, Emily, Nathan and Moby
Thanks Shirley for giving us Moby

Giselle Cordova says: MAY 18, 2015 AT 3:58 AM
I could not be happier with my new english bulldog Luna! She is the absolute sweetest girl and very easily adjusted to her new home. I am super appreciative of how quickly Shirley responded to my emails and how she kept me updated with pictures and videos of Luna before I was able to go pick her up. Shirley and her family did an incredible job in raising to Luna to be a sociable, energetic , and overall loving dog. I’m positive that in a few years I’ll be contacting them to buy another addition to migrating family. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank you so much Shirley!P.S. Luna sends kisses xoxo

Parvin and Evelyn Pierce says: JANUARY 11, 2015 AT 9:21 PM
We would like to say that we are very thankful to danshibullies. We did hours of research on searching for our new addition to our family. We stumbled on danshibullies on instagram and decided to look into them a little more. I can not say how grateful we are to Shirley and still are. She answered all our questions and concerns timely and with much knowledge, and we still contact her for any info we may not be sure of. We received weekly updates on our precious baby which included pics and videos. She totally made us feel involved in those first weeks of our baby’s life. The transition from danshibullies to milo’s new home was very smooth. Would definitely recommended danshibullies to others looking for that precious addition to there family. See you in a few years when I’m sure we will be looking to add to our family.
THANKYOU to the danshi family!!!!!

Marissa Warren says: JANUARY 5, 2015 AT 12:21 AM
We are so thankful to have found Danshisbullies after our long look for the perfect lil Frenchie for our family. We have had Beau for two weeks now and couldn’t ask for a better puppy. He is not only the most handsome, but he also has the most awesome personality and demeanor to go with it. Couldn’t be more satisfied !!!

Susette Morrison says: OCTOBER 6, 2014 AT 8:49 PM
Couldn’t be happier with our French bulldog from danshis. We are very picky when it comes to our dogs and Shirley has exceeded any expectations I could ever imagine. Pebbles is not even 3 months old yet and came potty trained!! She is an awesome addition to our family. Cannot say thank you enough

Jennifer Bertsch says: SEPTEMBER 2, 2013 AT 2:14 PM
Danshi”s Bullies has been like our second family for Flex. When we first laid eyes on him online to the time we got him home. Potty trained, knew us already, and getting picture/video updates as he grew for first 8 weeks. We couldn’t be happier with how Flex has came out and how Danshi’s Bullies has been with us every step of the way as he grows to answer questions and watch him grow as well. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for English/French bulldogs and pitbulls.
~ Review posted on Facebook Page

Friedeika Kaiser says: SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 AT 4:45 PM
Overall, how would you rate your puppy?*: Very happy
How long were you looking for a puppy until you found your baby?*: Daily
Would you recommend us to other people?*: Definitely My husband and I looked for a puppy for multiple months before we found our bulldog Iggy at Danshi kennels. We wanted to make sure he was coming from a good environment, not from a puppy mill or an otherwise irresponsible breeder. We came across so many ads and websites that advertised the “best” puppies, but there was always some sort of red flag.When we found Danshi Kennels we knew right away that we’d found a knowledgeable, responsible breeder. Shirley was very quick to respond to my emails and was very helpful in answering any questions I had. Once we saw our puppy we knew right away that he was for us. He’s the happiest, healthy little guy, super mellow and loves EVERY animal he comes across. He is also super friendly with all humans, big or small. He loves children but knows when to be gentle, and he doesn’t have a single aggressive bone in his body. I really believe that this comes from the fact that he was raised in a family environment together with children at Danshi Kennels. People cannot stop commenting on how friendly and gentle he is! He really knows his limits when it comes to playing as well – he doesn’t nip and has never bitten, and I think his upbringing at Danshi Kennels has a lot to do with that as well. We couldn’t be happier with our little guy and will recommend Danshi Kennels to anyone looking for bulldogs!