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AKC English Bulldogs

Temperament: Friendly, Courageous, Calm, Stubborn, Comical
Height: 11-13 inches
Weight: typically stay under 45lbs.
Life Expectancy: 9-12 years, possibly longer with the proper care & maintenance for the breed.
Average pricing for AKC English Bulldogs:
Standard Colored English Bulldogs starts at $5000 or more.
Non Standard Colored English Bulldogs starts at $5500 or more.
AKC Standard Color Determination
AKC French Bulldogs

Temperament: Adaptable, Playful, Smart, Courageous, Affectionate, Entertaining
Height: 9-11 inches
Weight: typically stay under 25lbs.
Life Expectancy: Typically 10-13 years, possibly longer with the proper care & maintenance.
Average Pricing for AKC French Bulldogs:
Standard color puppies – $5500 or more.
For Non Standard Colored puppies – starts at $6500 or more.
AKC Standard Color Determination

Pricing is based on AKC Limited Registration only – A Companion Pet (Spay & Neuter Contract).

If you are interested in AKC full registration, with showing and breeding rights, please contact me for more details. AKC Full registration may only be available for a select few.

Here is just a little bit on how we raise our babies.. for videos and more pics, follow us on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and so many more, to get daily updates of our fur babies 🙂

Our puppies are hand raised in our home, socialized, pre-spoiled and loved by our children, dogs, and cat.

We introduce different things as they grow so that our puppies are happy, social, adaptable, well mannered, and has an easy transition with their new families. The nursery is decorated and filled with puppy toys and anything else I can use to entice and encourage mental stimulation and development. They love the colors & all the sounds & noises that baby toys make, & they love music. Puppies begin potty training on wee wee as soon as they begin to crawl, typically around 1 1/2 weeks old, if not sooner.

Around 3 weeks old, we begin teaching the puppies how to eat their puppy gruel (mush); their momma and I of course of super excited!

Shortly after 4 weeks old they start to learn how to eat on their own (human assist for a few days until they catch on) and they also begin exploring, getting bigger, and are getting better at potty training.

By 5-6 weeks old we then move them to our larger playpen area in our family room. This is where they begin to learn our daily routines. They begin using the potty outside in our yard, exploring and playing outdoors with their older siblings.

They are taught specific commands, such as, “In the House”, “Go Outside”, “Come”, “No”, “Good Boy / Good Girl”, “Go to bed”, etc… We use Cesar Millan Training Techniques to help them learn and adjust once they are ready for their forever families.

By the time they are ready for their forever families; they are incredibly healthy, happy, playful, and eager to please. We want to offer you and your family the best experience in purchasing your future family member.

Please make sure to do your research on this breed and how it might fit your lifestyle & family before finding a responsible reputable breeder with available puppies or dogs that can fit your lifestyle.