Planned Breedings for 2021

 We accept the reservation fee only from families with an approved puppy application on file; in order to reserve their place for the next available pick of litter puppy.

Once the litter is confirmed via ultrasound, We will notify the families that paid the reservation fee to reserve their puppy.

We will then contact the remaining families with an approved application on file on available puppies.

Once puppies are at least 4 weeks of age, Families get to choose their reserved pick of litter puppy. 

To reserve your place for the next available Pick of Litter (POL) puppy, a non-refundable $1000 Reservation Fee is due. The fee is non-refundable but transferable to another available puppy, dog, or planned breeding. The fee will be applied to the balance of your puppy. Balance for the puppy is due by 7 weeks of age.

Nanny Flight hand delivery payment would be due immediately to reserve the flight, if applicable.

We can accept the “pre-paid” reservation fee in advance to reserve your place for planned future litters (puppies that are not yet born or breeding hasn't been completed); The reservation fee will be applied to your balance. If the mom wasn't able to produce a litter, the puppy parishes, you are not satisfied with the puppies that were born in that litter, or there's not enough puppies for you to choose your pick of litter, you would have the option to wait for us to do a repeat breeding or you may transfer your balance to another planned litter or available puppy (subject to availability). Ask for more details...

No refunds, however funds can be transferred to another available puppy, future litter, or dog.

For more information about our dogs, health testing, pedigree, and more, please visit their pages for more details here.

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1st POL: Reserved | 2nd POL: Available 
3rd POL: Available| 4th POL: Available