Visitation & Delivery

Visitation & Transportation/Delivery Policy ✈


We all love puppies…. we love to cuddle and smell their little puppy breath…. who wouldn’t love it!! But we do have a strict visitation policy in place. We live in a residential home with our family and dogs…. We receive plenty of request for visitations, etc.. but unfortunately we do have young children and can not allow “strangers” in and out of our home….. However,  we do offer our families to have a meet and greet with the puppy of their choice.  But a puppy application has to be on file and approved.  The puppy would have to be at least 6 weeks of age before a visitation… Please keep in mind, puppies are just like human newborns and are subsetable to many germs, virus’s, etc, and I’m a very protective momma… 🐶

Please understand this is not a store, it is our family home; with that said, it is in the best interest and safety for our family, health of pups and our dogs, that meet and greets are done at a public location (of our choice). Our Meet and Greets can be held at our local vets office, police department, or we can have a law enforcement officer accompany us during our visits if it’s at another location such as our local community children’s park is chosen.

If the $1000.00 USD reservation fee is placed for the puppy, we will then set up our meet and greet at your home/location, where you can meet your new puppy in the privacy of your home and your new puppy can begin to explore his/her new environment (subject to availability & depending on location)…..

We provide our families  with weekly videos, pictures, FaceTime, Skype, and other social media networking to help reassure our families that their puppies are doing great, and to show how their puppy or dog is growing, socializing, pre-spoiled, and loved before they go to their new forever homes.

We can provide veterinarian references and client references (in state and out of state), available upon request. Most of our clients and veterinarians are social media savvy and follow us …… so check them out  and follow some of our puppies on our Instagram to see what a wonderful life they are living….

Shipping/transportation fees is additional and varies….

We also offer hand delivery for your puppy or dog FREE of charge for up to 65 miles from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

For out of state deliveries ~ We send our puppies with our puppy nanny, whom stays with your puppy through the entire flight and is hand delivered to their new owners at their closest airport.  The nanny fee is on average is $450 and paid directly to them, for US deliveries. The puppy nanny service provides us both with an itinerary with the dates and time. The buyer would need to be present when picking up your puppy at the airport from the nanny. Our nannys are on standby flights which means at anytime flights can be delayed or full,  so please take this into consideration and keep your schedules open in case this was to happen.

Ground transportation fee varies depending on location and availability…
Typically it takes at least 7 – 14 days before you are able to receive your puppy, considering the puppy has been paid in full and received his/her veterinarian health certificate. If you need the puppy sooner, please let us know and we will work with getting you your newest family member to you as soon as possible. Please keep in mind the puppy must be at least 8 weeks old.

❗APHIS Animal Welfare Act: Starting, November 18th 2013. All recipients who purchased their pet over the internet sight unseen will have to sign a Visual Inspection Form from the transporter and or DanShi’s Bullies. The actual purchaser must be present when accepting the animal so that they can have a face to face interaction and visually inspect that what they purchased is indeed what was delivered. The recipient has the right of refusal before taking possession. Should the recipient refuse the animal, the transporter will immediately return the animal to DanShi’s Bullies.