DanShi's Recommendations

Frenchies and Bulldogs require daily care and maintenance in order to maintain a healthy growing puppy or adult. We recommend you continue with his/her care and maintenance through adult and senior years.

Please also be sure in keeping up with your pets annual veterinarian visits. I truly believe in preventative care and maintenance. I see it like this, if we as humans need to take daily vitamins and minerals that are not in our everyday diet, or we just don't consume enough of it to count; Wouldn't these little ones need supplementation's to help them continue growing into a healthy active bullies? Of course... Here is a list of vitamins & supplements that are given to all of our dogs.

It is best and highly recommend that you have everything ordered and situated before your new puppy / dog arrives. We want the transition to his/her new family to be as smooth as possible... you'll be surprised how excited & anxious we get, that we forget so many little basic essentials that are needed.

Clearly Love Pets Playpen

Clearly Loved Pets modern enclosures provide an oversized space for your pet, while decreasing the visual clutter of a traditional pen or cage. Ask us how you could receive 10% off!


Feeding an All Natural Dog food. NO artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors! Made with healthy wholesome ingredients with vitamins and minerals.

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