Planned Breedings

🌷 2018 Planned Breedings 🌷

 AKC French Bulldogs


Breeding Coming soon…..We are very excited about our breeding between two of our own beautiful frenchies ❤️ both have been health tested and are very healthy, sweet, loving, and smart  frenchies. Indigo is small at 23lbs and compact. Beautiful top line and conformation, with a beautiful flat block head. Rollo is a solid, standard male, with beautiful conformation and muscular build, and a perfect block head and gorgeous amber eyes to top it off.. We will confirm pregnancy via ultrasound in the middle of March. If all goes well, we can expect beautiful healthy frenchies by the middle of April, in an array of color, such as blue, blue fawn, brindle, and sable; Some may carry chocolate and tan points. Pricing will be $4000 for standards or $5000 for blues for AKC Limited Registration. Full Registration may be available for an additional cost.

Indigo and Rollo’s testmating pedigree

Stay tuned….. 😍 we can not wait to announce our planned breedings and the handsome studs we plan on using with our beautiful girls ❤️

DanShi’s Lucy
Health Tested and OFA Certified ~ parents are ABKC Grand Champions.
She has very beautiful small, thick, short back, muscled body type girl with beautiful conformation! Dd Bb Ayay S/S


DanShi’s Lagertha (Indigo’s daughter)
Health Tested
She has very small & thick body, flat broad muzzle with a block head ❤️She also has beautiful conformation and is small then her mother. Dd Bb? ayAT n/Em n/Kb N/S



AKC English Bulldogs



We are very excited to announce DanShi’s Arriyah was bred to ToyBulldogs Dopey. We expect nothing but healthy, quality, very small and compact bulldogs! We will confirm pregnancy via ultrasound week of  March 5, 2018. If all goes well 🌷 We can expect puppies to be born week of April 1st. All puppies will be triple carriers and expect a beautiful array of colors in Red, Sable, Fawn, & Blue. Pricing will be $3500 for standards or $4500 for blues for AKC Limited Registration. Full Registration may be available for an additional cost.

Arriyah and Dopey’s testmating pedigree


DanShi’s Left Eye
Dd Bb Ay/At
Health Tested
Left Eye is a very sweet and loving girl who is a very compact and small bulldog at 38lbs solid. She’s one of our smallest and most correct bulldogs, with a beautiful conformation. Sister to Arriyah ❤️


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If you are interested in our planned breedings, adopting a retired adult dog, or puppy, please feel free to complete our online waiting list Puppy/adult waiting List and or adoption application Puppy/adult dog adoption application so that you can be contacted once litters are born or an adult/puppy becomes available for sale.