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Safe and secure playtime/Housing


Modern training Puppy Aparment ?  Use coupon code DB33351 



Iris Puppy Playpens

PetSafe Automatic feeder to prevent over feeding and maintain a healthy weight ? The Healthy Pet Simply Feed(TM) Automatic Pet Feeder delivers perfectly portioned meals throughout the day. Shop PetSafe®!


NuVet Plus Multi Vitamin offers all natural, made in the USA, supplements and skin care products — use discount code 60540 – Given from 3 weeks old through life.
Sure Grow 100 for helps develop and support strong tendons, ligaments, and bones for growing puppies. Given from 5 weeks old through 1 year of age.
NuJoint DS Vitamin offers all natural joint and tendon support. Given from one year of age through the life of your pet — use discount code 60540
Organic Coconut Oil great for skin, coat, and digestive system….its an all natural conditioner & antiseptic remedy.
AniMed Comega Supreme Oil  cobtains omega 3,6,9 fatty acids to support a healthy immune system, normal physical and mental performance, and much more..


Eagle Pack- All Natural Dog food. NO artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors! Made with healthy wholesome ingredients with fortified vitamins and minerals.

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