Costs Involved

Please research the breed before you purchase any puppy or dog…..

Puppy Mills & Brokers- People think of puppy mills as places where hundreds of puppies are born, kept in filthy conditions, and then shipped out to the first available buyer. Most often, that’s the case. But whether a particular property is home to a few litters, or a few dozen litters, is a moot question. A puppy mill is any situation where the breeder cares more about the profit than the puppies! Pets are contained in horrible conditions, where they share everything, even their illnesses.Pet stores & Brokers often have dogs that come from puppy mills, although the cost may be more appealing,  do understand you get what you pay for.

Why do English & French Bulldogs cost so much? One of our top priorities is being able to produce healthy long lived puppies. Health testing is an important componant of being a responsible breeder. Our dogs are dual registered with American Kennel Club (AKC) and American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC), health tested for several genetic disorders such as Canine Multifocal Retinopathy (CMR), Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts, Hyperuricosuria, Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), and more; OFA certified for several genetic disorders, tested and screened for K9 herpes, Brucellosis, Thyroid testing, Heartworm tested, Patella Luxation screening, spine xrays and evaluation, annual breeding soundness examinations, and the list goes on….We have thousands of dollars invested in the health and maintenance for each of our dogs. We pride ourselves in knowing that we have created generations of pure bred “Truly Healthy” bullies.

If you are looking for a “bargain price”  this is not the breed that you should be looking into. In order to breed a HIGH QUALITY and HEALTHY Bulldog, it is NOT CHEAP! There’s a great deal of time, tears, effort, and expense involved in raising a litter. Bullies require assistance to breed; artificial insemination or surgical insemination is needed to breed the said dog, and a c -section for delivery of the puppies.
The average cost for us to breed a litter can run well into the thousands, see below for examples…
    • Progesterone testing, plus STAT (same day results) fee’s $105-$125 – Testing repeated every other day until ovulation
    • Breeding soundness Exam $45-$69
    • Vaginal Cytology $45-$65
    • AI (artificial insemination) $150-$200
    • SI (surgical insemination) $400-$650
    • Stud fee $1000-$5000
    • Shipping costs for semen extraction $150-$300
    • Semen Morphology, Motility, Count Testing $95-$115
    • X-ray $95–$125
    • Sonogram $350-$450
    • CBC/Chemistry Blood Profile (on adult dogs owned by us) $95-$150
    • Cesarean section (assuming it is during normal hours and that there are no complications during surgery) $650-$1500
    • Genetic Disorder testing & OFA Registration $95-$125 per disorder
    • Spine Evaluation & Xrays (on adult dogs owned by us) $250-350
    • Patella Luxation Evaluations (on adult dogs owned by us) $150-$250
    • Cardiac Evaluation (on adult dogs owned by us) $150-$250
    • Elbow Evaluation (on adult dogs owned by us) $150-$250

This does not include any cost estimates for the care of the litter, the mother, puppy vaccinations, puppy deworming, puppy examinations, microchipping, Health certifications, and if any emergency care is needed.

    When a litter is born the puppies must be fed every 2 hours for the first three weeks. English & French Bulldogs and in some cases and American Bullies are not like other dogs, they do not realize that any slight movement could crush the baby. It is very easy for them to lay or roll over on the baby and not even realize it. So to insure this does not occur, we sit with them at all times during feeding. Litters are human assisted for several weeks around the clock. C-section for Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, & American Bullies are a requirement for several reasons like: high rates of water puppies which can’t pass through the birth canal, large head and shoulders of the puppies, stress, heat factors and the inability to “push” out a full litter is often too much on a Bulldog, or there’s only one puppy and can not be pushed out. These are special breeds which requires the help of humans to bring a litter to 8 weeks of age.

We love what we do and will continue too strive to create that perfect bully! We urge all of our perspective clients to please do their research on these breeds. Although they are very cute, dedicated, and loving pets, some people fail to realize how much work goes into caring, training, and raising a bully puppy family member. Colored bulldogs can be registered and in some cases exhibited with AKC and any other registry as a colored dog. For more information on AKC Breed Standards & disqualifications on Bulldogs click this link and for French Bulldogs here.